Through continual investment, Wood & Wisdom are able to stay at the forefront of the joinery business, both with state of the art machinery and innovative products used in the production of our product range.

Chosen to compliment one another to ensure the absolutely right product for our customers, Wood & Wisdom have selected perfect partners such as Accoya and Remmers to produce quality joinery with a quality finish.


Trust our ‘full-package’ service, from site survey to fully fitted commission

Our installation service is designed for the home owner and small builder.  Providing a complete package of support, from initial site survey to fully fitted timber windows and doors. Rest assured, with absolute confidence that Wood & Wisdom will take full responsibility for the products provided, and in the unlikely event of a problem occurring, our expert team will be the one and only point of contact to resolve any issues.

Sourcing the finest sustainable wood & recycling all that we can

Timber is the only truly sustainable option for fenestration products and its use is growing as both professionals and consumers recognise this.

At Wood & Wisdom we source timber from sustainable sources and every effort is made to ensure that the materials we use are covered by a recognised certification body such as PEFC, FSC or others recognised by the British Wood Working Federation’s Timber Window Accreditation scheme. Plus, all the waste is

All of the waste created at our high capacity workshop in Balcombe, West Sussex is re-cycled using our briquetting machine.  Then used to heat our factory during the colder months.

The specification of timber is essential for the long-term durability of any timber window or door. Our windows and doors are manufactured from engineered timber from sustainable sources as standard. All timber is approved by either FSC® or PEFC bodies and is selected for its outstanding performance and environmental credentials. Being accredited by both bodies, we can offer complete certification if required.


Accoya is an exceptionally stable modified timber and has the highest durability rating. It provides the ultimate substrate for our coating system allowing us to give a coatings warranty of up to 12 years. Accoya also comes with FSC® Chain of Custody.

Douglas Fir

Douglas fir is an exceptional softwood recognised as a cost-effective alternative to oak when used as a structural timber.

By using the timber’s reddish-brown heartwood, we get a very good strength to weight ratio.  The felled timber provides strength properties that are like oak, yet 30% lighter than oak.  In addition, Douglas Fir is engineered to be knot-free, enhancing the aesthetic and preventing resin exudation, which will damage the timber’s coating.

Red Grandis

As standard all door leaves are manufactured from Red Grandis. It can also be used to manufacture other products where a stable and durable hardwood is required. It is plantation grown in Uruguay and comes with FSC® Chain of Custody.

Red Grandis provides a stable and durable substrate and is supplied as a three ply laminated material for extra stability. It is available in long, clear lengths making it highly suitable for stain finishes where no finger joints are preferred.

European Oak

In the past, high quality windows have been made from European Oak due to its durability. However, it has a tendency to move which can cause failure of the coating system and the insulating glass units. To overcome these problems we use knot-free laminated European Oak which has FSC® Chain of Custody.


Sapele is a very stable and durable tropical hardwood that is very well suited to joinery manufacture. Its dark and dense characteristics make it a very attractive timber, well suited to a transparent coating. We source this with FSC® certification to ensure it is from sustainable, certified sources.

The coating system is vitally important for the longevity of timber windows and doors and their appearance.

A coating system for wooden windows and doors is required to serve three broad purposes:

  • Provide an attractive colouring and surface finish to the product.
  • To prevent UV and visible light damage to the timber surface.
  • To slow down the rate at which moisture is absorbed and released from the timber.

Our advanced coating system

P – Preparation: Softwood is first treated in a boron preservative, penetrating deep into the timber allowing us to give extensive guarantees against decay. The natural characteristics of hardwood timbers mean this treatment is not required

1 – Basecoat: The product is sprayed with sealer/primer combination basecoat, which penetrates the timber, providing protection against moisture penetration and UV radiation. This also provides a large amount of the colour pigmentation for both translucent and opaque finishes and an excellent surface for the adhesion of the topcoat.

3 – Spray Top Coat: On an opaque finish we apply the topcoat of the required colour, whereas a translucent system has an application of a clear spray coat.

Colour Options

We can provide almost any opaque or translucent colour, all we require is a RAL Standard, RAL Design, Natural Colour System (NCS) or British Standard (BS 4800) colour or an actual sample. Ask for our Coating System Guarantee brochure.