bespoke kitchens

How to care for timber in bespoke kitchens?

Timber is the perfect material for creating bespoke kitchens. There are lots of options and professional joiners can create a design that fits together beautifully. They can even design solutions for difficult spaces, making sure no room goes to waste. If you are thinking about a new kitchen, speak to the team at Wood &…

bespoke staircase

There is less pressure with bespoke staircases

The bespoke staircases we design and fabricate need to meet certain criteria. We must ensure that they are suitable for the client’s property. To do so, we have to use the right materials and make the product fit in with everything else. However, thanks to our experience, this is no great task for us.

Bespoke Joinery

Could I benefit from bespoke joinery?

We have the machinery, experience, and skills to offer top quality bespoke joinery services that clients across West Sussex will love. Our team are able to perform some remarkable feats with wood. It is our job to produce and install custom made products. This includes bridges, staircases, timber doors and windows, and more.

Timber sash windows

How reliable are timber sash windows?

We are a bespoke joinery specialist that creates and installs a host of goods. This includes timber sash windows. We use the modern equipment at our high capacity workshop so we can attend to all of your requirements. Better still, we can do this in a short period of time.

architectural joinery

What is architectural joinery?

Thanks to our sizeable workshop and skilful craftspeople, Wood & Wisdom is a leading name for bespoke joinery. Each member of our first class team has a passion for what they do and is very knowledgeable about working with timber. This means that we can provide customers with stellar results and expert assistance. You can…

Bespoke kitchen

Are bespoke kitchens worth it?

At Wood & Wisdom we have an incredible wealth of knowledge about joinery. We produce many products, from single pieces of furniture to whole kitchen units. A lot of people even come to us to ask questions like are bespoke kitchens worth it? While they can cost more than generic products, they can offer a…

Staircases Sussex

How many steps do staircases have?

The Wood & Wisdom team works hard to meet the needs of our clients. People consider us to be the most skilful provider of staircases Sussex has to offer. We custom design every commission. In addition, we handcraft everything at our modern workshop using a large collection of woods. If you prefer steel and glass,…