The right architectural joinery for period homes

Period homes can have an incredible amount of charm and character. These properties tend to have a number of features that add a great deal of value to the property. This can include things like decorative architectural joinery. It is vital to retain these pieces where possible because replacing them is very hard. Original pieces…


Getting double glazing and timber windows

Many people love the aesthetics and eco-friendly nature of timber windows. However, some don’t choose them because they think they are less efficient. While this can be true for single glazed ones, you can opt for double glazing and get similar performance to uPVC. In fact, wood is better at holding heat so they may…


Which woodworking joints should you use?

One of the most important aspects of high quality bespoke joinery is good joints. For starters, the joint will determine how strong and sturdy a piece is. In addition, it will have an impact on the aesthetics. Some people will choose joints specifically because of how nice they look.

Using some wood stains to enhance garden gates

Our company has the skills to assist clients in all sorts of ways. One such is by helping them to refine their gardens with suitable garden gates. We design and install them to fit any space. In addition, we only use the finest timbers when creating them. Examples would be red grandis and Douglas fir.

The most popular styles of bespoke timber windows

Wood is one of the very best materials in the world because it is so versatile. There are lots of different types and skilful craftsmen can use it to create all kinds of things. For example, you could choose bespoke timber windows, staircases, a wonderful kitchen, and various pieces of furniture. There are even people…


What timber is best for bespoke kitchens?

The kitchen is one of the most vital parts of a home. However, to ensure it ticks all the right boxes, you need to decide exactly what you want here. Investing in bespoke kitchens is one of the best options if you want a space that suits your lifestyle and needs. Wood & Wisdom can…


Smarten up your staircase design

We design our products so they meet the needs of our clients. Bespoke staircases are one of the amazing things we create. They can complement both contemporary and classic homes. This is possible because of our skilful, passionate team.

Clearing up the misconceptions surrounding timber windows

You can accomplish all sorts of things with different materials. Wood is no exception. We set up our business knowing this. Our goal has always been to provide everyone with quality bespoke joinery services. At our workshop, our craftsmen create all sorts of items. This includes doors and furniture, gates, bridges and even conservatories.

Timber is a great option for conservatories

There are many different options if you want to add a conservatory to your home. This can be a really great investment but you need to choose the right materials, design, and location. You also need to check planning permission to ensure you can do the project. Whatever you decide, timber conservatories are one of…


What should I do with my kitchen walls?

When creating bespoke kitchens, there are two things you must ensure. To begin with, they need to be aesthetically pleasing. Secondly, you have to ensure that they last for as long as possible. Most importantly, it is essential to have a vision of what you want. We are a team capable of helping you decide…


Alternative designs for your staircase

You have a vast number of options when looking into bespoke staircases for your property. Luckily though, with this option you can have a master joiner produce a custom piece for you. This means that whatever you are looking for in terms of style and needs, you will be able to get it.

The importance of quality exterior doors

Any good business should be able to offer you impressive products. This is precisely what we do with our bespoke timber doors. In our inventory, you will be able to discover designs for every period as well as contemporary ones. Furthermore, we have single and double glazing available so people can choose the right option…


Top tips for designing bespoke kitchens

A beautiful bespoke kitchen will really enrich your home. It is one of the most important spaces in the property and needs to fit the function perfectly. For example, you may just want a small cosy space where you can easily reach everything. Or, you may want a room where you can cook and then…