Cabinets and how to celebrate what you love

If you are looking for an aesthetically pleasing kitchen that will last for years, you are in the right place. Our company excels in creating bespoke kitchens, offering designs to suit every taste. We understand what clients want and what we need to do to achieve this. Not to mention, we use only the most…


Moving in the right direction with orangeries

Timber conservatories and orangeries are now the go to for numerous homeowners that are design conscious. They choose these options as they are not often fond of brick extensions and because they want eco friendly materials. We help these people by doing the design, fabrication, and installation work.

Have you chosen the right interior door?

We are a business that uses its talents in architectural joinery effectively. The team creates bespoke designs that fit into your home perfectly. This could be anything from orangeries and conservatories to something simpler like doors and windows. Thanks to our dedicated workshop, there is nothing we can’t accomplish for you.

How should I finish the staircase off?

With bespoke staircases, you must ensure they meet the requirements of the inhabitants of the home. This is one of the most important things our business has come to learn about them. We custom design all commissions and handcraft them at our ultra-modern workshop. To accomplish this, we use a myriad of timbers.

Why you should install a conservatory

Bespoke joinery can give you an amazing way to add more space to your home. For example you could choose bespoke furniture that saves space or get a stunning timber conservatory. The latter is a high quality installation that will create more living space for you to use. You can take this chance to be…


Don’t neglect ventilation or go over budget

The thing about modern kitchens is that many use plastic coatings or wood veneer over a particle-board core. People use this approach because it is less expensive to create cabinet carcasses and doors. The bespoke kitchens we fabricate however are radically different. They are quality hardwood and look incredible.

How you can have a staircase that stands out

When people are looking into bespoke staircases for their home, the idea that tends to intrigue them is the ability to choose something that stands out. This will act as the main feature of your hallway. However, keep in mind that accomplishing this can be easier said than done. Achieving a balance between a staircase…


How do I plan a bespoke joinery project?

Being a business that works in architectural joinery, we create a wide array of bespoke designs in our workshop. After that, we carefully install your new items in your property. This includes everything from orangeries and conservatories to standard doors and windows.

What are engineered and solid timbers?

Our company is a joinery specialist that has a reputation for the incredible craftsmanship we offer. We work tirelessly to design and make products that are suitable for every client. This includes bespoke timber doors among other things. Aside from being hand-made, they are incredibly secure and reassuringly heavy.