If you are searching the market for a stunning wooden gate, you should turn your attention to us. We are the provider of services for bespoke joinery Brighton enjoys using again and again. This way, your search will be easier and result in a fantastic, unique item.

You need a gate made to precise measurements to ensure it is a good fit. In addition you should pick the right wood to match your space. We know openings and size needs vary in the same way tastes do. Working with us gives you the chance to contribute your ideas to the creation of your ideal gate.

Choice Of Timber

You get to decide on a timber for your gate; this choice depends on what you are specifically looking for. Influences include whether you want to stain the gate, paint it, or leave it so that it weathers naturally. Typically, softwood is more economical and hardwood is more aesthetically pleasing.

Mass Made Vs Made To Order

In most instances when people are looking at gates on the market they will find themselves wondering, what is a standard size gate? Is my driveway the right height and width? Entranceways come in all sizes which can leave you in trouble when you order a mass-produced gate. These are not manufactured with as much care, but with more thought about keeping work cheap.

With a made-to-measure gate you can have faith that you won’t have to worry about the fit. You need something that looks impressive and this is what we can give to you. The highest quality craftsmanship will ensure you get an amazing gate. This will reflect your individuality and unique needs. With your own design, you will have something you can be proud of.

We work hard to present our customers with beautiful and durable products. With a phone call to Wood & Wisdom, we can begin discussing our work as the home of bespoke joinery Brighton can trust. You can also use the contact form on our site so do not hesitate to reach out to us.