There’s no doubt that bespoke wooden window frames will accentuate the period charm of your home.  But, it’s your choice of glazed unit which will have the biggest impact in terms of the overall performance of your new double glazing.

That’s why, at Wood & Wisdom all double glazed windows come with a high performance glazing system optimised for thermal efficiency.

In addition, we also have a wide range of glazing options available including obscure patterns, acoustic reduction, solar reduction and enhanced thermal performance (a triple glazed system is available). There is also a wide range of lead and coloured glass options.

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Thermal Gain (Solar Gain)

Solar gain happens when a window transmits the sun’s energy inside to heat your home.  This is a proven and beneficial investment in the UK, with high performance softcoat glass usually the best choice.

Acoustic Glass

Acoustic performance is affected by the thickness of the glass, the gas cavity width and the material used in the centre of laminated glass. Through comprehensive testing our experts can provide technical help and data to deal with individual requirements.

Safety Glass

The aesthetics of Toughening Coated Glass had been challenging in the past.  But thanks to improvements in pane coating technology it is now possible to cost effectively include safety glass within your home, without compromising the overall design.

Obscure Glass

Along side our extensive range of traditional clear glass double glazing, we also have a wide range of obscure patterned glass available. Choose from five levels of privacy, from 1 (least obstruction) to 5 (greatest obstruction).

Thermal Loss (U-Value)

We use Saint Gobain Total glass as standard in all double glazing designs.  We also have a wide range of options including self-cleaning glass and solar control glass to achieve the exact performance characteristics required.  And bespoke design features, including warm edge spacer bars (to increase energy efficiency),  a choice of cavity gasses (including Krypton, a sensible choice for triple glazed designs).


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